Hello Book Lovers…

Camille Funk/AuthorI feel like I should confess a secret.

Something big, in hopes that by doing so you’ll let me into your world, so here it goes: My name is Camille Funk and I’m a book addict.

It’s an addiction that has helped me keep Amazon in business, had my husband complain over the amounts I’ve charged to my Kindle account, and has kept my iPad securely in my hands at all times. I’ve had numerous fictional boyfriends and may or may not be obsessed with certain authors, and I’ve been known to skip out on invitations, and stay up waaay past my bedtime all for the sake of a good read.

Odds are that if you’ve wandered over here you’re a book addict too.


I could use the company.

A little bit about me: I was born in Singapore and grew up in Taiwan. With no TV we only had our imaginations to keep us entertained. My youth was filled with playing games like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ with my sister and best friend, running through rice paddies, and reading. I attended Simmons College in Boston, MA, and got my degree in Education and English with a concentration in writing.

I ended up marrying the boy I always wished would pay attention to me in high school and after over twenty years together, he’s still the person I most like to waste my Friday nights with. We now have our little family, and my husband’s job has us moving every couple of years. We’ve been sent to live in Rangoon, Burma, Libreville, Gabon, and the very exotic Northern New Jersey. Currently though, we’re calling Hanoi, Vietnam our home. I am the true definition of a third culture kid and am now raising my own.

My first book, The Return, was started when my husband was shipped off to Iraq for a year. I was alone in a new town, had two young children, and didn’t know a soul. Let’s face it… I was bored! There were few shows on TV that excited me, and I had read everything out by my favorite authors. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel over at Amazon, just looking for anything to keep me entertain.

When nothing did the trick, I decided to create something on my own.

The Return came to life with one sentence: “Not many people remember the day that they’re born, but I do.” The sentence isn’t even in the book any more, but that doesn’t matter because it’s where it all began and the line will never leave my head.

I knew the book was going to be about a girl who kept being reincarnated after she was murdered, but that was about all I had when I first started. But the more I wrote, the more the characters took over. It was like they were leading me on a journey, and I was just along for the ride. I wanted to know what would happen next, but of course couldn’t find out until I’d written it.

So, write I did every chance I got. In doctor’s waiting rooms, the carpool lane at my kids’ school, outside of my daughter’s ballet class– you name it, I’ve probably written in that location. The book became my obsession and when I finally finished it, I went straight into writing the second. At about that same time I read an article about a site called Wattpad.com. I’d never heard of it, but was ecstatic when I saw that you could post your work up and get feedback– all for free! I thought my novel was destined to sit on my computer forever, alone and unread.

Well, that wasn’t the case. Since posting my story up on Wattpad three years ago, I’ve had over 2 million readers check it out. The book has been featured on the site and is now one of the top twenty completed books in Historical Fiction. But that hasn’t even been the best part!

By far, my favorite thing has been connecting with my readers. Reading their comments on my chapters, listening to their advice, and using their extra sets of eyes have meant the world. They’ve supported both me and my story and honestly are the greatest crew on Wattpad hands down!

So, stick around, get to know everyone, and check out my blog. You can explore the links to my different books, and read some reviews on books I’ve been reading, or even what I’ve been watching. I’m a chatty girl, so don’t hesitate to comment away by hitting the “comment” button under the posts’ title, but remember to be kind; I’m gooey like a marshmallow.



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