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 The Backpacker

The Backpacker

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A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Max King has earned himself one hell of a reputation and is more than happy to hide behind it. But no matter how hard he parties, how many girls he beds, or how many drugs he takes, he can’t escape himself.

Max longs for freedom– freedom from his screwed up parents, his shallow life, and most of all, the dangerous emotions that he almost allowed to consume him before. His daily fight to keep his demons at bay hangs by a tenuous thread so when his father offers him a proposition, complete sixty days in rehab in return for early access to his trust fund, Max doesn’t think twice.

Cocky as ever, he’s confident that he can survive anything for sixty days, but that’s before he meets Riley Grant.


The Madonna, The Virgin,

and The Whore

untitled ws

    Mary, Erin, and Lexi are three sisters who couldn’t be any more different. After their mother abandons them, Mary, the oldest, is left taking on her role. Erin, the middle sister, shuts everything down and concentrates only on her future and making something of her life. While Lexi, the youngest, just looks for any escape that she can find. All grown up, a family tragedy brings these young women back together causing each sister to question their choices and learn that they still need each other. After all, no one knows you like your sisters.

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