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What’s Happening with..

What’s Happening with The Return Series?

Looking for a Street Team! Are you a diehard fan of The Return Series? Are you active on Wattpad and other social media platforms? Have you already been telling all […]

Posted May 12, 2016
The Return

What I’m Watching

What I’m Watching

We all have comfort shows, the series we watch again and again, always stopping at when we find them on. Personally I go through phases with shows, others I return […]

Posted May 3, 2016
The Return

Nem Noodle

Meet Nem Noodle. So, I’m a little obsessed with my cat. His name is Nem (the Vietnamese word for spring roll), and then we tacked on the noodle later when […]

Posted March 27, 2016
The Return

What’s Happening With..

What’s Happening With The Return Series?

Lucky me. It’s editing time. I always thought I knew what editing was all about, but that’s only because I’ve never tackled editing something this enormous before! Currently, I’m chopping […]

Posted March 13, 2016
Editing, The Return