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You might not know this about me, but I’ve got a pretty special skill. Now it’ll never bring me fame or fortune; in fact it’s a pretty useless skill as far as skills are concerned, and I only can use it twice a year, but still, it’s a talent nonetheless.

Here you go: I, Camille Funk, can predict if a TV show is worth watching before the Fall season begins and the show even airs! You’re impressed, aren’t you? Well hold those applauds folks until we see how I do this year.

Here are the shows that I think you need to watch because they’re definitely going to make it to a second season:


Premise: An unapologetic mother of three raising her family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut that’s full of “perfect” families.

My take? I’ve never known Katy Mixon’s name, but I certainly recognize her! She’s that great character actress who injects a huge dose of comedy in ever scene she steals. Now she has her own show? Sold. Of course, this is kind of ripping off Odd Mom Out but, to be fair, Odd Mom Out ripped off like a gazillion books for that premise so…


Premise: The ensemble dramedy follows a group of people who share the same birthday and whose lives intersect in various ways.

My take? Um… a show written by the same people who brought us Ryan Gosling doing the Dirty Dancing lift with Emma Watson? Sign me up! This show looks like it’s designed to tug at your heart strings every week so keep some tissues on hand.


Premise: When Eleanor realizes that she’s not a very good person, she gets a chance to start anew with the help of Michael in the afterlife.

My take? I don’t have a lot of faith in this show, but I’ve got a lot of faith in Kristen Bell. Being a former marshmallow (Veronica Mars fan), it’s my duty to support/love everything she’s in, so this won’t be any exception. I know Kristen knows comedy, so I’m hoping for good things.


Premise: J.J. Abrams. Michael Crichton. Need more? A western sci-fi series about a theme park where guests can play out their creepy fantasies with human-looking androids until the androids revolt. Still not convinced? Apparently HBO is so confident that they have a hit on their hands that they’ve already planned the next 5 seasons the show!

My take? Confidence is sexy and HBO is super confident that they’ve got a hit on their hands. I’m inclined to believe them. This premise reminds me a bit of the short-lived and often overlooked Dollhouse by Joss Whedon. I thought that show had huge potential so I’m completely looking forward to where Westworld is going to take us.


Premise: A remake of the 1987 Mel Gibson/Danny Glover film about crazed cop Martin Riggs, and his levelheaded partner, Murtaugh.

My take? I know what you’re thinking. This show has every ingredient in it to make it Fall TV roadkill, but there’s just one problem. It actually looks good. I should’ve put this on the honorable mentions list, but I’m taking a gamble and going with Lethal Weapon to survive its first year.


Premise: Three friends from two different centuries try to balance the thrill of time travel with the mundane concerns of their everyday lives.

My take? Okay, that was the worst premise for a show that I’ve actually been looking forward to. Every time I’ve watched this preview I’ve cracked up so they’ve set the bar pretty high for laughs. I’m expecting a lot of them.



These shows could go either way…


Premise: Zorn is an overlord from an island in the Pacific Ocean where everyone is animated, but he returns to the suburbs of Orange County, Calif., on a mission to reconnect with his estranged ex-wife, Edie, and their son, Alan. He suffers a setback when he finds Edie engaged to another man, and decides to stick around, hoping to forge a relationship with his son.

My take? Animated primetime shows can go either way, but I can’t recall one mixing animation and live action before. Zoran is a risk. The shows creators have to bank on the writing and the humor to carry this and I’m hoping it works out because I got give this show an A+ for originality.


Premise: Pamela Adlon plays a 40-something actress and single mother to three daughters.

My take? Better Things looks like it’s going to offer a darkly humorous look at motherhood and Hollywood. It seems kind of slow though, and I’m not sure if it’s going to offer enough to pull in an audience and guarantee a second season for itself.


Premise: An irresponsible hustler has to raise her bratty, rich nieces and nephews after her sister and brother-in-law flee the country to avoid federal charges.

My take? The preview looks funny. I mean, seriously funny. That’s what worried me. I fear that all the jokes have been shoved into this clip and I’m not sure how this show is going to have enough steam to keep it going. I’m absolutely going to tune in to find out though.


Premise: The DC Comics workplace comedy focuses on insurance adjusters who look out for the regular people who have to cover the damage caused by superheroes.

My take? I’m pretty close to suffering from superhero fatigue syndrome. Between every show on the CW, and every movie Hollywood has pumped out these last few years, I feel like I’ve seen my fair share of tortured heroes. But this DC Comics comedy puts a spin on things, with a group of underdogs stepping up to the plate. I also think Vanessa Hudgens may have found a home on TV.



Premise: Matt Leblanc plays a contractor whose wife goes back to work, so he starts spending more time with his kids. He discovers the truth every parent realizes: his little angels are maniacs.

My take? Apparently CBS thinks it’s 1986 again. I mean, do we really need another show with this exact same plot with a fumbling, idiot dad?  Haven’t we seen this show like a gazillion times already? Nope. Don’t get attached. This one’s not going to make it to season two.


Premise: Kevin retires from the police force thinking life will be great, but he soon discovers his wife, Donna, has been protecting him from certain family secrets. It turns out that their oldest daughter, Kendra, wants to drop out of college and get a job to support her fiance, their middle child, Sara, is struggling at school, and their youngest, Jack, is a hypochondriac. For the time being, Kevin will have to postpone a life of leisure and work on keeping his family together. 

My take? Its got a great lead in with The Big Bang Theory, but even though I have no beef with Kevin James, I can’t say that I think anyone was axtually waiting for him to come back to TV. If you’re a fan, you’ll probably love this, but honestly it looks like a hundred other sitcoms that have come before it.


Premise: Angela Rance believes something is very wrong in her home. Her husband Henry is slowly losing his mind, her eldest daughter spends all of her time locked in her room, and the younger one believes she hears strange noises coming from inside the walls. She turns to Father Tomas Ortega — setting him on a collision course with old school Vatican soldier Father Marcus Brennan, as all their fates become entangled in a battle against an ancient force of evil.

My take? Let me make one thing clear. I love seeing Gena Davis back on the screen. I needed to get that out of the way before I go on to tear this remake apart. I just don’t see the point of this show. Why take a classic like The Exorcist and adapt it for TV? You’ll have to take out some of the scariest bits of that movie! I feel like the spirits are talking to me. This show won’t be sticking around for the long haul.


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