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Okay, go ahead and judge me. I deserve it. We’re not talking high-brow entertainment here folks. I’m painfully aware of that. I’ve admitted in the past that I’m a television junkie, and I wasn’t lying! Just like some people like to have music on in the background when their doing chores, I like to have a storyline unfolding around me at all times. Even if it’s a crappy one.

And that’s what the Teen Mom franchise is. White trash storylines at their finest. They put their laundry out there and I bask in the fact that I’m not them.

MTV loves to tout how the show has had a positive impact on teen pregnancy in the US. They can say what they want, but I bet they shit their pants every time one of the girls ends up getting pregnant again. They honestly cast the only people in the world who can’t seem to grasp the concept of contraception, or making responsible choices. It’s like an experiment that’s gone totally awry and yet the scientists are still standing behind it, nodding their heads, and saying, “Yes, this is totally making an impact.”

So I thought it’d be amusing to rank our Teen Mom’s from least responsible to most. We’ll start with the mom who’s emotional immaturity is still at an all-time low, and work our way up to the Teen Mom who, I think, has changed the most since hiding a pregnant belly under her prom dress.


Here we go!


I think this isn’t a surprise to anyone who has ever watched this show, or stood in line at a grocery store for that matter. Janelle Evans’ life has been played out on the front of the tabloids. From her need to jump into relationships, to her compulsion to destroy them, this Teen Mom has been engaged three times, divorced once, has two kids from two different fathers, and has around sixteen different mugshots. I’m all for making mistakes in life, but this many before twenty-five?

I’d say Janelle has already hit the bottom of the barrel, but I think she was already there when we first met her back in 2010 on 16 and Pregnant. Now we’ll just get to wait and see how much lower she’ll go. Hopefully it won’t be the backdoor route à la Farrah Abraham.


I have to admit, when we were first introduced to this Teen Mom I thought for sure she’d be the one who’d end up with her shit together, but oh has Leah Messer fallen. When we first met Leah she had the father of her twin baby girls there by her side. Right after their marriage though we found out that Leah had been untitledunfaithful, and Corey filed for divorce.

After that Leah moved on to Jeremy Calvert, having baby Adalynn and getting married in 2012. Then things got even rockier for the reality star. Amid rumors of addiction, she and Calvert divorced and ex husband Corey filed for full custody of the twins, which he won.

Things seem to have settled down for Leah. Her life seems to be heading back on track, and one can only hope that she climbs her way up this list in the future. Unlike Janelle, I feel like with Leah there’s still hope.


Aw Kailyn. Originally I was not a fan. I thought this Teen Mom whined and projected nothing but misery. I have to say Kailyn’s grown on me though. I feel like out of all of the Teen Moms she’s worked the hardest. Without much support from her family she managed to become financially independent and is working her way towards her degree. Like the others, she has had a second baby and is married (for the first time) to that child’s father, Javi Marroquin.   MTV#97

Her new relationship hasn’t been without bumps though. Javi currently is away overseas with the U.S. Air Force, and the couple stopped following each other on social media last week. Which in this day and age is pretty much the same thing as announcing you’re splitting up. If I was a betting woman I wouldn’t put money down on these two to go the long haul. Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

Here’s hoping I’m wrong again.



I had a hard time deciding if I’d put Chelsea Houska up as the Teen Mom who has improved the most. She still talks in that god-awful baby voice of hers, and she still seems to get a lot of financial support from her father, but the girl has made some changes.

 I wonder if Chelsea is smart enough to thank the heavens every night that her baby’s daddy Adam Lind is not in her life anymore? Because, let’s face it, if Adam had been into Chelsea after the baby was born, odds are this Teen Mom would be holding baby number two in her hands instead of cuddling up to her new fiancé, Cole DeBoer.

And Cole is not the only good choice Chelsea had made in her life lately.  She’s also befriended Adam’s ex, baby mama #2 Taylor Halbur. The two of them make sure their girls spend time together as sisters. Another example of how Chelsea continues to put her daughter first, fighting for what’s best for her.

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