A Writing Dilemma #6

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I host a thread over on Wattpad.com called: ‘Teen Writers- Need Writing Help? The Teacher Is In’, where users, mostly teenagers, are invited to ask me any writing related question. I never pretend to know everything, and Lord knows I don’t, but I do the best I can to shell out some advice. Some of the users are brand-spankin’ new to writing, while others have been doing it forever. I thought it’d be a great idea to share some of the questions I’ve received, and some of the “advice” I’ve given.

Last week I posted this question:image6I mentioned how my friend, author Len Webster, experienced some backlash after the ending she wrote didn’t go quite as some fans had planned. Well, Len checked out my post and emailed me her thoughts to share with you. Here’s her take on doing the unexpected or the unwanted.

Never apologise for how you want YOUR (emphasis on the ‘YOUR’ because it is YOUR book) book to end or pan out. If you firmly believe that your book has to end that way, then do it. Be confident in your writing, skills and yourself to write the story you deserve to have written. You’ve spent so much time working and developing not only your characters, but also your storyline.

That’s the thing about Wattpad, your readers are there from beginning to ending. For every post and update. They have a connection to the story. Unlike when you write an entire novel without posting, they’re able to add pressure in the comments. But don’t let them dictate how you write your story. You’re the author. Your words have already enchanted them this far. You, as the author, know what’s best for the character/s.

I agree with Camille, later, when you end the story and readers have reacted, then add a side note. But I have confidence in the fact that your readers have gone on this journey and have understood your characters. They’ll get why. And if they don’t, it’ll only be a small few. But if you need something to add to your story than just ending it. Maybe have an epilogue from a different character’s POV about what happened AFTER the end. It does the explaining without have to use your main character.

But don’t get hate/bullying type comments confused for honest criticism/reviews.

Remember that you’re the author. You know what is best for your story. Trust your gut. You’ll know what course of action you’ll take. Remember that not every story is the same. Some are unexpected. And some end just like that, without explaining.

I wanted to thank Len for giving us her take on this question. She’s an amazing person and an incredible writer. You can read samples of Len’s work for free over on Wattpad.com at @lennwebster, or you can check out her books on Amazon by clicking on any of the titles below. Hey, 17.2 K other Wattpad users can’t be wrong can they?

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