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When a girl stumbles across an amazing piece of fashion advice, it’s her duty to pass it along. So here you go:


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But let me help you out some more…

I’ve found some incredibly cheap and cute necklaces for each of these neckline over at Amazon.com. Each necklace costs under $25.00 and pretty much is guaranteed to make a statement. Have a browse and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Turtleneck: Try this awesome multi strand glass beaded coral red pebble style handmade necklace Bali Bay Trading Co. It’s only $14.99. Click the link picture below the picture for more details.

Scoop: Someone has to buy this necklace and tell me if I’m being fooled. This pastel stoned necklace looks like it’d be a true statement piece to brighten up any scoop neckline, but it’s only $3.16. That can’t be right? Click on the picture elow and you’ll see I’m not lying about the price!


Strapless: I’m kind of dying over this necklace, and at $25.00 with shipping and handling, how can you not be? Plus, as you’ll see, I’m a huge fan of turquoise. Click on the picture for more about this great necklace to spice up any strapless dress.

Square: This long chevron necklace is only $24.50. It’s on the higher end of the ones I’ve chosen, but honestly it deserves to be because it’s completely handmade by Devon Michael’s Boutique. I’ve certainly never seen anything like it before, and odds are if you’re wearing it it’ll be a standout piece.


Off the Shoulder: This asymmetrical necklace is the most expensive on the list, but come on! Look at this thing! It’d take one ballsy bitch to pull this piece off. Whoever you may be… My hats off to you.


Halter: This gold toned triangle Lariat Necklace with geometric triangles is sure to make any plunging halter neck dress even sexier. I remember the days I could pull something like this off. Sadly, I think they’re behind me now. The necklace is $24.95.

V-Neck: Okay, this is Jane Stone Bubble Bib necklace is just $6.00, which I honestly can’t believe! It’s super cute so there’s gotta be a catch, right? Plus it comes in just about every color imaginable!

Collar Shirt: There is something pretty simple and elegant to this sterling silver wishbone necklace. For only $15.99 it’ll give any collared shirt an extra piece of class.

Boat Neck: This black beaded five strand necklace is only $21.00. I’m kind of obsessed with black and gold right now. I might be buying this one myself.

Flouncy Neckline: In this case a necklace would be just too much. Try out these drop link feature earrings by SunIfSnow Girls for only $10.90.

Sweetheart: And last but not least, for those more formal nights out when you’re rocking a sweetheart neckline, check out this amazing vintage Jane Stone crystal necklace. It could put a real sparkle paired with the right outfit.

Thanks for being girly with me today and checking out these amazingly cheap necklaces. I think I might be due for a little gift for myself!

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