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 Never, Never

After last month’s bomb I decided to play it safe this time. I’m choosing Never, Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. Now I’ve never read anything by Tarryn Fisher, but I know she’s the author of the widely popular Mud Vein, which is on my list of books to read. Colleen Hoover though… Who doesn’t know Colleen Hoover?  (If you don’t actually know Collen Hoover, stop reading right now and click these links to buy Ugly Love and Hopeless. Colleen Hoover is ah-mazing, and I promise you you’ll devour these books).

So, when one of my favorite authors decides to team up with another author whom I’ve only heard good things about… What am I to do but buy the book? Truth is Never, Never came out awhile ago, but it’s broken into a series of novellas and I’ve been burned on Amazon by this trend before. Usually you have to wait forever between books, and sometimes the author’s jack up the price and you end up paying waaay more than you normally ever would for one book.

So I bid my time, and waited until three installments were available for purchase before I decided to hitch my wagon to this train.

The blurb for Never, Never was super vague, but it still had me instantly intrigued, and since I’d probably pay to read Colleen Hoover’s shopping list… I had high expectations.

***Warning: Spoilers ahead!***

The book starts right out with a bang. Well, to be more accurate, a crash. Our main character doesn’t know where she is (New Oreleans, in school, 4th period to be exact), or who she is (Charlie, we later learn). Hoover and Fisher do a great job setting the scene and the panic Charlie’s feeling straight off the bat. It’s immediately believable and the reader, along with Charlie struggle to find out who she is, and what the heck is happening.

Charlie fumbles her way through her first class and when the bell rings, immediately gets flanked by her friends and led to the lunch room. She sits next to a boy, and instantly learns he’s her boyfriend, Silas. He’s acting standoffish though, making Charlie even more uncomfortable. Charlie tells him she’s going to walk to her next class with her friends, and Silas looks relieved, but when Charlie gets to class, he shows up there. Sitting down next to her, Charlie notices that Silas’ eyes are as wide as hers.

Dun dun dun…

This is going to be so good! I can feel it already!

The next chapter switches over to Silas, and we all know I love a book that changes perspective from chapter to chapter. If it were even possible, this book has just gone up a notch.

We learn that Silas doesn’t remember anything either. In a panic, he bolts from the classroom and runs into the bathroom. Charlie corners him there and asks him what her last name is. When Silas can’t answer her, and finally admits her cant remember, Charlie passes out. When she comes to, (a little too quickly in my opinion), Charlie admits to Silas she can’t remember anything either.

They both discover that the first thing they do remember is being in history class and seeing a girl drop her books. The bell rings, and Silas takes Charlie’s hand.

I can already tell that this is going to be my kind of book. The mystery has been set up right away. I’m instantly drawn into both Charlie and Silas, and love that their instantly bound to each other through this; that should make everything all the more interesting.

Until next week… Happy reading, and remember, if you want to join me in what I think it’s going to be a fantastic read, click on the link below.

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1 year 10 months ago

it’s a great book, i just finished the last part a month ago