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The People’s Couch

Bravo’s, The People’s Couch, is my new addiction. Forget those bickering housewives, who cares about those overly botoxed Sur waiters, and those Top Chefs, they’re old news! The People’s Couch is where it’s at y’all!

Based off a British television show called Googlebox, The People’s couch cameras take you inside the living rooms of eight very different groups of people, and you get to be a fly on the wall as they watch some of the hottest and most talked about TV shows of that week. The results are just hilarious. Not only are their reactions and observations usually spot on, but odds are they’ll have you bursting with laughter.

Let me introduce you to some of the Couchers as I rank them from my absolute favorite to least:

Ranking The Couchers:

#1. Blake McIver, Scott Nevins and Emerson Collins

I love these boys. I mean like I love them love them. Out of all of the couchers, these three with their witty, sometimes cuttingly snarky comments, always have me in stitches. I love the fact that Blake is a former child star that all of you will recognize. I love the fact that Scott shows every emotion he’s feeling, and I love every T-shirt that Emerson wears on the show (My fave? The one that read: Bangs not Botox). I literally want to watch every TV show for the rest of my life with these three by my side.

#2. The Zeno Family

I’m not sure what I like best about this family, how great they all seem to get along with each other, or how amazing the snacks on their coffee table are each Friday night! Mom, Princella, dad, Lamont, and their son Rashawn consistently crack me up by busting on each other. The love in this family is real though, and comes through the screen each week.


#3. Julie and Brandy

Best friends Julie and Brandy, always have me in stitches. These two couldn’t be more opposite. Julie quietly suffers through the Full House reunion show for Brandy, and Brandy drinks her way through Downton Abby for Julie. These two ladies sarcastically tear into the TV selections each week and their running commentary is always hilarious.

#4. Amanda and Kenya

I’d like to officially claim Kenya as the most adorable of all the couchers. Her shocked expressions each week, the way she calls out her sister’s name ( “A manda!”), and her genuine heart that shows brought each week is just pure joy. She’s simply sweet TV, and I love her.

#5. The Resnick Family

Sisters Nicole, Rachel, Sarah, and their dad Joe are just great. My favorite is Rachel, who thankfully sits in the center of her sisters because she has a penchant for grabbing on and digging her nails into them whenever she’s excited, scared, or happy. Dad Joe takes his three daughters’ shrieking with a grain of salt, and they all seem to have a great relationships with each other.

#6. Teddi, Ayn, and Sue

These three ladies have dropped in favor recently because of dear old Teddi (she’s the one on the left). At first I thought Teddi’s eye rolls and snarky comments to Ayn (the one in the middle) were amusing, but now I kind of feel like she’s just mean. Ayn, on the other hand, I adore! Her hilarious observations, the snippets of her life she shares, and her big glasses of wine always have me smiling and ignoring Teddi right along with her.

#7. Cathy & Destiny

Sisters Cathy and Destiny aren’t my favorite Couchers, but I love this show so much I certainly can’t say much bad about them. Destiny (on the right) is a little too much, and sometimes I get the feeling she’s really playing for the cameras and it messes with the entire mood of the show. But honestly, I don’t hate them. These two somewhat bitchy sisters have had me laughing on more than one occasion.

 #8. Budd and Mackenna

These two lovebirds are at the bottom of my list simply because they’re the newest couchers. They replaced my beloved neck-pillow-wearing family, The Egber’s this year. Although I haven’t really gotten a chance to know them yet, so far I haven’t been impressed with his low energy duo. But I have to say, they make a super cute couple.


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