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To say that I was excited for this show to come out last year would be an understatement. I had read a preview about it and immediately thought the premise, the story of a forty year old woman going through life passing as half her age, sounded awesome. When I heard it was based on a bestselling book by Pamela Redmond Satran by the same title, I purchased it and read it before the series had even aired!

Sutton Foster

Sutton Foster as Liza Miller on TVLand’s Younger.

Thankfully, I wasn’t let down. Younger is the story of Liza Miller (played by Sutton Foster) who, after a wicked divorce and now empty nest, finds herself back in both the career and dating world again. She soon discovers that nobody wants to hire a forty-year old who’s been a stay-at-home mom for the last eighteen years. However after being mistaken for half her age by a hot guy at a hip Brooklyn bar, a wicked idea strikes.

After a few highlights and a hipper wardrobe, she moves into her best friend’s loft in the city and starts applying for jobs passing herself off as a twenty-six year old. And it works!

Liza is hired as an assistant in a publishing house and makes a new group of younger friends, all who she has to keep her true identity (a divorced 40 year old mom from New Jersey) a secret from. Oh! And remember that hot guy who hit on her at the bar? Turns out he’s convinced to and they start up a hot relationship.

Of course, there are moments where Liza realizes that being young again isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and these usually play out hilariously on Younger. The show has a great supporting cast made up of the always amazing Debra Mazar, a surprisingly good Hilary Duff, and that hot guy I mentioned? Check out Nico Tortorella who plays Josh below.


Nico Tortorella as Josh on TVLand’s Younger.

In its second season, Liza’s struggling to hold onto her secret. She’s lost Josh because of it, and doesn’t want to lose her new life too. The show has gotten even stronger, and with TV veteran Darren Star (Beverly Hills 90210, Sex and the City) at the helm, there’s no surprise there. It continues to have me eagerly tuning in each week for what I know will be thirty minutes of nothing but fun. Maybe a little heartbreak…but mostly fun.

If you haven’t yet caught this show, I highly recommend it. I promise you you’ll be crushing on Josh and his tattoos in no time, falling for Liza’s friends, and digging on her wardrobe (created by none other than the legendary costumer/designer, Patricia Field. Yep, the same Patricia Field who gave Carrie in STC her amazing looks).

This one definitely should be in your viewing schedule!

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