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Calendar Girl- January

635882874203603379-January-new-coverUgh! I’m finding it so hard to get into this book! I just haven’t had a lot of free time, and for some reason when I do, this book isn’t really what I want to pick up. This has happened to me before, even with some critically acclaimed and widely adored work; so in no way am I slamming Carlan’s writing. I mean, I never could get into The Great Santini; I didn’t make it past the third chapter of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth, and I faked my way through my fourth grade English lesson on The Island of the Blue Dolphins, still not having completed it to this day. So who am I to judge?

Okay, so when we left off Mia and Wes and just done the dirty. Now they decide to come up with some ground rules for their “relationship”.

Rule one: An insane amount of sex.


Rule two: They’re monogamous for the month.

*That didn’t really make sense to me. I mean Mia was contracted to be at his beck and call for the month. Did he really assume she was going to be running out during the day and getting some on the side?

Rule three: No sleeping in the same bed.

* And there it is! The cliché ‘I’m emotionally unavailable, therefore I can’t share a bed’ moment. This, to me, has been played out. And to be frank here, I’ve known plenty of guys who weren’t emotionally available and didn’t give two craps about where they crashed at night.

Trudging on…

After lots more giggly sex, Wes takes Mia to brunch at his parent’s house. He introduces her to his sister as his ‘friend’, but his pervy mother butts in: “Mia’s an escort. I picked her out myself. Don’t I have the best taste, Wes?”

Yes, that is vomit in my throat.

I have no idea how I’m supposed to fawn over Wes when all I can picture is a Norman Batesesque character with his mother hovering in the background. Sorry, but this isn’t making Wes do it for me.

Unfortunately, I think Mia might be into it.

Until next time, happy reading.

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