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Baby It’s Our Time…


Canada was in the news recently, announcing that they were going to put the first female Canadian citizen on a new bank note by 2018, beating out America’s planned female $10 bill by two years.

This got me thinking about the woman who will be chosen to be on the U.S.’s newest currency, and shoving old Andrew Jackson out of his spot. Canada is letting the public nominate and vote on their pick. I haven’t heard of such a thing happening in the States.

But who would you pick? Rosa Parks? After her courageous and peaceful protest on that bus in the 1960’s, and tireless work in civil rights movement, no doubt she would make a fine choice. I’ve heard other cries for Susan B. Anthony, who not only played largue part in abolitionism movement to end the slave trade, but was also a founder of the suffrage movement, basically ensuring our right to vote.

Unfortunately they wasted Susan on the little used silver dollar, which stopped being produced in 1999 because who wants to use a dollar coin? So I’m not sure if that takes her out of the running.

But there are so many women history has forgotten about.

Ever heard of Sybil Ludington? Well if Longfellow had written about her instead of Paul Revere you would have. She basically did the exact same thing as him, except with two slight differences. She was only sixteen, and she rode for twice as long. Yep, that’s right, at sixteen Sybil was tasked with riding 40 miles to alert the militia that the British were coming. After supposedly fighting off a band of robbers along the way, she made it in time to warn the troops and they marched into battle. President Washington recognized her bravery, maybe it’s time we do to.

Or what about Jerrie Cobb? At nineteen she started her career as a pilot. By twenty-one she was flying military bombers and jets. She set records in speed, distance, and altitude, all while facing constant discrimination in her field. She was a consultant to NASA’s Space Program, and their first femal astronaut candidate, but denied the opportunity because of her gender. Maybe justice would be served here by commemorating this amazing woman with her face on the $10 bill.

I’m hoping at least half of you have heard of Harriet Tubman. You know, the ‘conductor’ of The Underground Railroad? She was born a slave in Maryland and ran to freedom in 1849. After that, she helped hundreds of slaves escape the South. During the Civil War she acted as a nurse, scout, and spy for the Union, and in later years turned her house into the Home for the Indigent, Aged Negroes’, taking in those in need. This courageous and caring woman certainly would be worthy of the new bill.

There so many more choices though. Why do we only get one? What about  Helen Keller, Clara Barton, Dorothea Dix, Jeannette Rankin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Margaret Sanger… I could go on and on.

If you did have a vote though, who would you put on the new U.S. $10 bill?

Whatever you do, juse have a better opinion than Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson. Click here to see what she said when asked the very same question in the interview round at the 2015 Miss America Pagent.










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