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635882874203603379-January-new-coverCalendar Girl- January

Okay, let me start off by saying that I’m going to finish this book in a lot quicker than a month! And that’s not because it’s been a riveting read so far; it’s because the book is only 150 pages long. I probably should’ve noticed that before I started, but, oh well! We might have to tackle February this month too.

Let me start off by saying that everything I write here is just one girl’s opinion. I know how difficult it is to write a book, and understand firsthand that not everyone is going to respond to it in the same way. Just because I haven’t been loving Calendar Girl so far, doesn’t mean that a gazillion other people won’t.

Okay, let’s get onto the book…

*Warning! Spoilers Ahead!*

Just like the blurb promised, Mia, our MC is in desperate need of money. She needs to bail her dad out of a gambling debt, and her ex-boyfriend is loan-shark who’s making sure he pays. So Mia decides to get a job with her aunt Millie’s escort business to get the cash.

We find this all out in the first chapter, although it’s a little confusing at first  because Mia tells her friend that she’s not a whore, or at least she doesn’t want to be a whore, but then hops on her motorcycle (yes, she rides a motorcycle, and no, I didn’t buy it either.) and goes to meet with her aunt. Don’t Mia and her friend know that escorts are just  upscale versions of prostitutes? I mean I’ve never heard of any escort services that don’t offer sext as part of the package….but wait! Aunt Millie’s doesn’t! Well, sex can be arranged for an extra 20 % underneath the table, but none of these wealthy men, who are paying six figures for their month spent with Mia expect sex as part of that deal. WTF?

Mia also gets a set of rules. These rules are basically the do’s and dont’s of escorting like, always look your best, and don’t speak unless spoken to. Our heroine rolls her eyes at these but doesn’t seem to have a problem with them.Wes.

Okay, I’m willing to ignore the absurdity of all this and keep going.

After scrubbing up a little and showing Mia for the diamond she really is, we thankfully move onto quickly dive right into things and meet Mia’s first client, Weston Charles Channing III (I know, I gagged a little bit over the name too).

Out from the roaring surf with a board in hand steps this amazingly handsome bachelor. The surfboard tells us right away that Weston isn’t your ordinary billionaire; in fact, he likes to be called Wes. Yep, another one of these guys. Where are they, and do they actually exist in the real world?

So, despite being totally cool, and hot, and a billionaire script writer (did I mention Mia was a struggling actress? No? Well Carlan hardly does either), Wes for some reason needs to hire someone to play his date for a month. Stop. Correct that. His mother has him hire Mia for the month so he won’t get distracted and can concentrate on networking during the social engagements he has scheduled.

Am I the only one who finds this a tad bit creepy? The guy’s mother is behind all this! I kind of feel like we’re crossing some boundaries here. Isn’t it weird that Wes just can’t keep it in his pants for a month? It’s certainly strange that his mom thinks so.

Anyway, moving on. Like every fairytale-Cinderella-escort before her, Mia moves into Wes’s fancy house, a new wardrobe is provided for her, and she prepares to sit back and bask in all this for the next month. But it doesn’t take long before Mia finds herself attracted to Wes. Well… only minutes really.

Wes is, of course, attracted to her too, but whispers into Mia’s neck that he doesn’t plan on paying extra for sex. He says, “You’ll drop your clothes for me when you’re ready. I won’t even have to ask.” And you know what? I have a feeling old Wessy-boy is gonna be right, because when he says this it gets Mia all sorts of hot and bothered! It’s been a year since she’s last had sex, and she’s ready to say to hell with the contract! Let’s go!

So after going to a party and meeting Wes’s dad and creepy mom, who couldn’t be more delighted with the escort she picked out for her son (ew), Mia walks into Wes’s bedroom that night. And onto the real reason we’re reading this book in the first place! Because, let’s be honest here, so far the plot has been pretty predictable.

Carlan writes a pretty good sex scene. All the steamy stuff is there, paired nicely with the pain-in-the-butt technicalities, but I found myself glossing over it. I don’t know if I just wasn’t in the mood, (can you not be “in the mood” for a book sex scene?), or if it was because I wasn’t really feeling any connection between these two characters, but the whole thing felt forced. Unfortunately I didn’t really respond to it, but I’m forcing myself to read on.

So until next week, happy reading.


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