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Were you one  of the first 20 readers to subscribe to this webpage?

If you were, you’ve probably gotten your advance copy of the latest chapters of The Restoration emailed to you. You were some of the first few people to read those chapters, and I’m hoping you’ll still take the time to give me some feedback and a vote over on Wattpad. I sure would appreciate it. 

But maybe you weren’t one of the first twenty. Not a problem! If you subscribed to the website at all, you’re now eligible to get future sneak peeks, promotions on my books, and be entered in cool contests. Plus, I’m always updating so there’s plenty to check out, posts to read, and quizzes to take. 

The door is always open here, so just make yourselves at home. 

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1 Comment on "Did You Subscribe?"


Tia Logsdon
Tia Logsdon
1 year 9 months ago

Every time I try to subscribe it tells me that enter my head is closed…and ALL I’m doing is trying to subscribe. If you can find time could you PLEASE email me a link??? Thank you!