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Okay, I know I just made a crack last week about TV shows that pair a detective up with someone with a “special ability”, and now here I’m watching a prime example of that cliché, Fox’s Lucifer. This show’s got everything you’d expect:

A modelesque female detective? Check.

A partner with an amazing ability, and an equally charming and obnoxious personality? Check. (Lucifer can make people confess their darkest desires, a trick that comes in handy with the criminals he busts, and he does it in the smarmiest way possible of course).

A potential romantic spark between the two leads? Check.

A weekly crime that gets easily solved in an hour? Check.

Lucifer is about as formulaic as you can imagine but for some reason I’m still watching it. Why? Well, I kind of find the whole show endearing. I think a large part of that is in thanks to Tom Ellis, the incredibly charismatic British actor who oozes charm and a devilish playfulness like it’s second nature to him. I honestly probably could watch just an hour of this guy talking.

Of course, there are plot issues. Lucifer has apparently taken a holiday from Hell and when vacationing in L.A. (and somehow running a nightclub during that vacation) he stumbles into police work. Now, I don’t claim to know a lot about the police force, but my gut tells me they don’t just let civilians work cases with them week after week. And of course there’s the obvious question: if Lucifer’s here, who’s running things down there?

My hope is that the series will stretch more into that arena, exploring more of the theological ramifications of Lucifer abdicating the throne of the underworld, rather than playing it safe in the ‘weekly cop procedural’ zone. Because that my friends is a show I’d definitely want to see.

But for now, Lucifer’s lucky that there isn’t a lot of competition for my time on Monday nights.

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1 year 11 months ago

I think it is a great show, but I hope the writers get better.