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635882874203603379-January-new-coverCalendar Girl- January

How did I hear about Calendar Girl?

I got an email from my sister and she asked if I’d heard of the book. Remember, I live in Vietnam. Odds of me “hearing” about anything are slim to none. Anyway, my sister said they were talking about it on The Today Show and apparently it was supposed to be the new Fifty Shades of Grey or something. She knows I love anything pop culture, so my interest was immediately piqued.

The book is by Audrey Carlan and is brilliantly broken up into twelve parts, one for each month of the year. You can buy them on Amazon in bundle packs, but I chose to start small and just purchased ‘January’. The plot seems simple enough: girl needs a lot of money, and fast; in fact her father’s life depends on it. Left with no other option she decides to become a high-priced escort. Gentlemen book her company for a month, and at $100,000, it’ll only take twelve months before she’ll have the money she needs.

Okay, we’re not talking Shakespeare here people; we know that right off the bat, but sometimes a girl just needs a sexy piece of fluff to read… I know what I’m getting into here. Our heroine is going to be paired up with twelve incredibly hot guys who will each help shape her in some way. I’m guessing along the way one of these guys is going to be Mr. Right. It’ll be interesting to see how that’s going to work out. How exactly Mr. Right would be okay with our heroine boinking twelve different guys in one year?

On the plus side though, I have to give props here. Sounds like our heroine isn’t the stereotypical virgin and she’s obviously up for a sexual adventure. I’m hoping Carlan writes her as unapologetic, because honestly that’d be refreshing to read.

So that’s the tawdry book I’ve chosen to tackle this month. If you’d like to read along with me, I’d love some company. You can purchase Audrey Carlan’s book, Calendar Girl- January, right here at Amazon: January: Calendar Girl Book 1


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