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The Walking Dead


It’s Wednesday, so what have I been watching? The Walking Dead! The show came back this week and I have to tell you I couldn’t be happier! By far, The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV right now. Not that they have much competition! I haven’t been too impressed with the line-up this year. I mean, how many times can we pair up someone with “special abilities’ and a detective? Or spin-off the same show yet again? (I’m looking at you CSI Cyber!) So each week I gladly join Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carl, and the rest of the gang in their trek across the zombie invested back roads of the South.

When The Walking Dead came out in 2010, I have to admit, I refused to watch it. I’m a pretty big chicken when it comes to horror, and zombies are high up on my ‘no watch’ list. I don’t know what got over me though. My husband was away in Iraq a year later, and I’m not sure if I was feeling brave because I’d survived all those bumps in the night or what, but I sat down and started season 1.

There’s something awesome about binging on a show you find yourself really drawn into and that was the case with The Walking Dead. I must’ve torn through the first season in a weekend, becoming utterly obsessed with the series, which despite more than a few bone chilling moments, was really more about the human spirit than zombies.

Now I’m all caught up and eagerly wait for the week to drag by and the next installment to air. It’s been torture for me since the show went on their mid-season hiatus, but now it’s back baby!


If you’re a diehard fan like I am, odds are you watched the sneak peek of the second half of season six long before the episode aired. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wasn’t expecting was the show to open right at that part. And the way the director chose to set the scene in flashes had my heart pumping to the rhythm of each shot as we watched Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham drive up to a stand-off with a mysterious crew.

And who the heck saw the outcome of that scene playing out as it did? It was brilliant! There I was, holding my breath, completely prepared for Sasha and Abraham to go down– this is the mid-season opener after all, we know to expect some deaths– but I was blown away (pun intended) by what happened next!

Of course, this episode didn’t disappoint. We got our deaths. I think we all knew that it was just a matter of time before Sam was going down, but the complete tragedy that followed was pretty stunning. Watching his mom Jessie hold his hand as he gets swarmed by zombies… My hats off to Alexandra Breckenridge, the actress who portrayed Jessie on the show, who did an amazing job in this scene. Watching her face turn from pure shock into horror as she finally breaks down and screams is a moment of acting genius! Unfortunately, emoting like that gets you one thing in a horde of zombies…mobbed. RIP Jessie.

And then wouldn’t you know it? The blood shed didn’t end there! Jessie’s eldest son, the epitome of the annoying, sullen teenager, picks up Rick’s gun and fires, hitting Carl in the eye before Michonne slices him down (in the second most deserved death this episode).

The most deserved death honor goes to lone Wolf left in Alexandria, Mr. W., Morgan’s little project in restoring humanity gone awry. If you’re just a fan of the TV show and not a reader of the comics, not much is known about this character, but in this episode he has just taken my new favorite character, Denise, hostage, and the two of them are making their way through the zombie filled streets of town. Of course Mr. W. gets it. Maybe Morgan was onto something, because with a little glimmer of humanity Mr. W. actually gets bit while saving Denise.

I have to comment on what I thought was some of the best cinematography in this episode. When Rick runs into the infirmary with a passed out Carl in his arms and Denise goes to work on him, I noticed the lighting in the scene change. Everything went a little too bright, almost as if you were under the fluorescent lights of a hospital waiting room before gradually fading back to the bleak grayness when Rick looks outside at the zombies.

My other fav cinematic moment is when the group rallies together (nothing makes my heart swell more) and there’s this fantastic dizzying montage of every character left in Alexandria hacking away. It truly is one of those moments in the show where you say to yourself: “this is the freakin’ best!”

So now I’m geared up and ready to sink my teeth into a new season of zombies. I don’t get previews over here so I have no idea what’s in store for me next week, but I can tell you this…I can’t wait!




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